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YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT is one of the best sets of teaching and learning materials that I have used in any of my business classes. The feedback I receive from students is excellent. »Becky Hansen, Business Department

Partners in teaching financial literacy since 1975.

Internal Training Services publishes financial literacy educational material for elementary and secondary schools. These materials cover topics such as how to maintain a personal checking account (Your Checking Account), how to establish and maintain good credit (Your Personal Guide to Loans and Credit), and a description of the products and services offered by a typical financial institution (All About Banking). 

Inadequate retirement savings, personal bankruptcies and consumer credit delinquencies all point out the need to place greater emphasis on teaching financial literacy. From inception, our guiding principles have been to develop financial literacy programs that are educationally sound, interesting for the students and affordable for the schools. The programs are kept current by soliciting constant feedback from those using our programs resulting in numerous revisions of content over the years. We look forward to having you among our valued customers.

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