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Our objective is to provide excellent classroom materials related to FINANCIAL LITERACY, often funded through co-operation with local financial institutions.   That means focused, unbiased materials that engage the students.  It also means providing a product that reflects positively on the sponsoring organization, can be administered with minimal effort by the sponsoring organization, and will fit within the budget restrictions of the sponsoring organization.

You can order by mail, email, phone or fax.  (An order form is available here but it’s not required.)   We print your logo* on the cover of each booklet and we can to insert a letter or small brochure into the booklets for you.  Booklets can be shipped to your location or directly to the teacher.   Finally, we invoice you after the materials have been shipped so we know the correct shipping cost and so you can check that the materials have been received.

We are very aware of the cost pressures on you.   You will not find slick marketing materials here but you will find solid, attractive educational material at outstanding prices.  (We are rather proud of having no price increases over the last 10 years and we are working to extend that string.)  Our prices are as follows:


Quantity & Price per Booklet


Minimum order

Up to 100

101 to 300

301 to

501 or more

Your Checking Account






Your Personal Guide to Loans & Credit






Student’s Introduction to Insurance






All About Banking






You may use these materials for training, for your customers or for virtually any school you wish.  Our only limitation (aside from copyright restrictions on copying) is that an existing sponsor in a school always has the first right of refusal for a request from that school.

*   “Logo” for us means whatever you wish to put into a 6” wide by 3 ½“ tall area on the front cover of the booklet.   For many institutions it is just the logo but others include a marketing message, address, and/or phone numbers.   Don’t worry about the exact size:  we will shrink or expand the artwork you send us (without changing its proportions)  so that it fits within the  6”x3 ½” area.  We do not print in color but in shades of gray. 

YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT includes an on-line banking simulation.  The on-screen logo on the computer simulation is small (100 pixels high) and in color so it probably should be just your logo.

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