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Our objective is to provide excellent classroom materials related to FINANCIAL LITERACY, funded (if possible) through co-operation with local financial institutions.   That means focused, unbiased materials that engage the students and materials that YOU can easily teach without extensive preparation. 

Many banks and credit unions will be pleased to provide these materials to you... the price of the materials is listed on this website under Contact Us - For Sponsors.  We print the logo of the sponsor on the cover of the booklets in exchange for their sponsorship.  The school can purchase the booklets at the same as for a bank or credit union.

We used to be able to try to find sponsors but the number of scams sent via mail, fax and telephone makes that virtually impossible.  You are a local teacher and, obviously, a real person.  Once youfind a sponsor, you can simply provide us with their name and phone number.  We will take care of getting the logo and completing the order.  We do NOT ask for payment at the time of order;  we will bill the sponsor a couple of weeks after the materials have shipped.  Any questions about the product or delivery can be taken care of before payment is made.

ASSUMING we can find a sponsor to provide these at no cost to your school, how many copies (at 1 per student) would you need this school year?

Need help finding a sponsor? Use the bank finder below to discover banks in your area:

*If you do not immediately see results, try zooming out.

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