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Your Checking AccountYour Checking Account
is designed to teach the skills necessary to maintain a checking account.  Students first learn about checking account basics and then actually write checks, make deposits and reconcile their accounts using the forms provided.  They move on to handling debit card and on-line transactions, reinforcing the need to keep good records.  An On-Line Banking Simulation is also included, giving the student the experience of a modern on-line connection with his or her acount.  (Please see the seperate description under "Products" and visit the demo.)

The materials not only teach an important aspect of money management, but also correct bad habits which may otherwise persist throughout adult life. The materials are suitable for junior and senior high schools and community-based adult education programs.  A post-test and Teacher’s Manual are included with each order. This product is also available in Spanish.

The simulation includes eight months of transactions (students typically master this material after completing 3-4 simulated months) covering a variety of realistic situations such as paying the bills for utilities, car repair, rent, insurance, etc.  Transactions include depositing & writing checks, ATM transactions, pre-authorized payments, wire transfers, stop payments, insufficient funds, debit card and internet banking transactions. End-of-month bank statements are presented for reconciliation, an important skill for every consumer.  The program includes a simulated on-line account for each student:  the program is complete without it but the on-line account helps expose the students to 21st century banking. 

The Table of Contents will illustrate the focus:
                                    • Page 2            Opening a Checking Account
                                    • Page 3             Making Deposits
                                    • Page 4             Endorsing Checks   (sample)
                                   • Page 5             Keeping Checkbook Records
                                   • Pages 6–7        Writing Checks
                                   • Pages 8–11       Reconciling the Bank Statement  (sample)
                                   • Pages 12–13     21st Century Banking  (sample)
                                   • Pages 14–16     Your Money Management System
                                   • Pages P1–P21  Simulation (aka, the Practice Set)

Check Your Checkbook Skills
This student test covers all of the fundamentals of keeping a personal checking account. Students are required to write a check using the proper format, record the check in the register, fill in a deposit ticket, properly endorse a check and reconcile their account. The test is a combination of true or false questions, multiple choice, matching terms with the correct definition, a crossword puzzle, and filling in the correct answer in the blank space.

Teacher’s Manual
A sixteen page Teacher’s Manual is included with each order. After an opening discussion of the purpose and organization of the Your Checking Account program, some general and specific teaching suggestions relating to this program are provided. This is followed by a brief description of various banking services (pre-authorized payments, stop payment orders, wire transfers, etc.) and several suggestions for course enrichment activities. The answers to the “Check Your Checkbook Skills” student test as well as the inclusion of extra practice problems comprise the remainder of the Teacher’s Manual.

Your Checking AccountCustom Front Cover Page
The front page of Your Checking Account can be custom imprinted with the name of your school, school mascot, class or sponsoring organization. Area available for imprinting is approximately 6" wide by 3.5" high.

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