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YOUR CHECKING ACCOUNT is one of the best sets of teaching and learning materials that I have used in any of my business classes. The feedback I receive from students is excellent.
» Becky Hansen, Business Department

Because this simulation covered an eight-month time span, I feel the students did learn how a checking account works and they feel more confident in their abilities.
» Sandra Bowman, Business Department

Parents are frequently impressed that we use these kits in class.
» Robert Karlo, Business Department

Excellent practice set –very realistic.
» Judy Bryson, Business Department

This program has been an extremely valuable enrichment and the single most popular activity with the students in the class.
Julia Dickens, Business Department

The Checking Account packets have been most successful in teaching the students about checking accounts. The revisions have made the packet even more realistic. Thank you for fine educational materials.
Marita Bundy, Business Department

The students really enjoyed the sets. Mr. Murray from the bank came for a visit after the set was completed. Student’s response was fantastic to sit and talk.
Audrey N. Russell, Business Department

The best unit I’ve ever used for checking accounts!
Jean Gibbs, Home Economics Department

Excellent simulation. The students really enjoyed this packet.
Lana Waetzog, Business Department

The new edition is very good, the students enjoyed using Your Checking Account in class. Thank you for providing this service to our students.
Andrena Scott, Business Department

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