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All About BankingAll About Banking and Credit Unions is an enjoyable way for elementary students to learn about the wide range of products and services provided by a typical bank or credit union. Topics include savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, safe deposit boxes and ATMs. Also covered is FDIC and NCUA insurance, the history of banking, and the development of money. Student test and Teacher's Manual are included. All About Banking and Credit Unions is ideally suited for third through fifth grade elementary classes. Front page is suitable for imprinting with the name of the school, mascot, class or sponsoring organization.

Bank Wise Student Test
The student test is comprised of a combination of true and false questions, multiple choice, finding the hidden word, a word scramble, a crossword puzzle and filling in the correct answer in the blank space. The Teacher's Guide provides answers to the student test as well as suggests several ideas for class discussions and projects.

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