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Your Personal Guide to Loans and CreditYour Personal Guide to Loans and Credit is a valuable resource for students and adults alike. Topics include a self-evaluation of credit worthiness, how to establish and maintain good credit, understanding loan principles, evaluating loan needs, setting up a monthly budget, the importance of keeping good financial records, amortizing a loan and the step-by-step process of applying for a loan. Important tips are provided for the proper and safe use of credit cards. Your Personal Guide to Loans and Credit is ideally suited for junior and senior high school and community-oriented adult education. A post-test and teacher's manual are included with each order. The front page is suitable for imprinting with the name of the school, school mascot, class or sponsoring organization.

Checkpoint Student Test
The student test is comprised of a combination of true and false questions, multiple choice, finding the hidden word, a word scramble, a crossword puzzle and filling in the correct answer in the blank space. The Teacher's Guide provides all answers to the student test.

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